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Speak Up Act Out

We are a theatre company who use methods from Theatre of the Oppressed to devise immersive and fast paced performances about socio-political issues.


Our productions are a reflection of matters which affect the community, and provide a platform for social debate in the style of an open forum where the audience is invited to voice their opinion on what they have just watched.

They are then given the opportunity to change the events of the performance by watching scenes played out again with their own intervention. They are even encouraged to perform themselves! During the forum we create and encourage an environment where everyone’s voice is heard, with the 'Joker' directing the debate and ensuring it is a safe and respectful situation.

From male sexual abuse, homelessness, young criminals to family law suits and homophobia, we have looked at many topics which may be of interest to you, and we can also devise specific pieces tailored to a topic of your choice.


We also run exciting, practical workshops encouraging play and creating awareness through drama. We are quite flexible!

You can find out more about us on facebook here

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